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Bridekirk St. Bridget's Church by Alexander P KappBridekirk, on the outskirts of Cockermouth, is named after its cruciform shaped church, re-constructed in the late 1860s. Surviving are the remains of a ruined chancel with 16th century east and south windows.

Incorporated in the new construction are two Norman doorways. The church is famous for its 12th century casket-shaped font carved with inscriptions, birds, beasts and the baptism of Christ. It is signed by a ‘Richard’, believed to be the work of a famous carver from Durham. Old tombstones stand guard around the church walls. There are patterned tiles inside the church.

Bridekirk St. Bridget's Church Lychgate by Alexander P KappThe church and vicarage belonged to the monastery of Guisborough before the dissolution. Two men born in the church vicarage became successful politicians: Sir Joseph Williamson, who was secretary of state in 1674 and Thomas Tickell (born 1686), a poet who was secretary to the lords justices of Ireland.

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Bridekirk is two miles north of Cockermouth off the A595.

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