May 21, 2018

Towns and Villages of Cumbria


Dendron lane by Google MapsDendron is next to Barrow-in-Furness but maintains its own identity as a former agricultural settlement.

St Matthew's church in the village dates from 1642 and was built as a chapel of ease by a former Leece man, Robert Dickinson. It also served the village as a Dendron St Matthew church by Michael Grahamschoolhouse between 1642 and 1833. The church was rebuilt in 1795. In 1833 a tower was added and the wall that divided the school and church was removed, after which a new school and a vicarage were built. In 1891 the church was again restored. It has one stained glass window. The former school is now used as a meeting hall.

Photos courtesy of Google Maps , Michael Graham.

Dendron is 2.5 miles east of Barrow-in-Furness.

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