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Hethersgill crossroads by Alex McGregor  GeographHethersgill is a small village sited on a crossroads near the border with Scotland. Consequently it suffered in the past from raids by Border Reivers. The area is a farming one.

In 1876 a rock-faced church, St Mary’s was built in the village. It was a chapel of ease for Kirklinton. The church has a nave, bellcote, and chancel.Hethersgill St Marys Church by Rose and Trev Clough Geograph There are two stained glass windows. Another stone building in the village was once a Methodist church.

There is a village hall that can be rented for functions. The 18th century Black Lion Inn was once an ale house belonging to an estate.

A Cumbrian inventor, George Graham, may have been born here (1673-1751). He is buried in Westminster Abbey. He was a watchmaker and invented astronomical instructions.

Photos courtesy © Alex McGregor , Rose and Trev Clough

Hethersgill is located five miles north-west of Brampton.

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