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Hoff, Cumbria © Googlr MapsHoff, now a small hamlet, was once part of a manor with Drybeck. The manor was made up of Hoff Nether, Hoff Row, and Barwise Hall (now a farmhouse). The name comes from Old Norse and means ‘a heathen sanctuary or temple’.

Hoff had a Methodist chapel from 1895 that is now a private home. A battle between the English and Scots was thought to Hoff Beck Footbridge © David Medcalf Geographhave taken place near the bridge during Richard II’s reign. Red squirrels, deer, and heron frequent the vicinity.

Hoff has a pub called the New Inn. It’s a traditional country pub whose history goes back to the 17th century.

Photos courtesy © Google Maps , David Medcalf

Hoff is 2.5 miles south south-west of Appleby on the B6290.

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