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Rowrah junction courtesy of John LordRowrah village is a collection of houses along the roadside. On the edge of the village is Rowrah Hall, built in 1722 and now a privately owned home.

The area was populated due to the limestone quarry, dating from 1888, and iron mines in the region. A railroad, the Rowrah and Kelton Fell Mineral Railway, long closed, served the quarries and mines. The rail track was removed, and a cycle and walk way took its place. One of the disused quarries serves as a karting race track.Rowrah Salterhall quarry courtesy of John Holmes

In the village is an 1895 Wesleyan chapel. In 1896 a reading room was established.

Photos courtesy of John Lord The Geograph British Isles project.

Rowrah is located .5 mile from Arlecdon.

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