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Garsdale view by Barbara BallardGarsdale is a narrow Pennine valley between Baugh Fell and Rise Hill. It is actually in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, but officially, for government purposes, in Cumbria's South Lakeland district. It lies on the south-eastern edge of the Howgill Fells. Baugh Fell lies to the north and Rise Hill to the south.The Clough river runs through the valley. The valley has a high annual rainfall.

Garsdale by Barbara BallardThe A684 runs through the valley from Sedbergh to the village of Garsdale Head. Garsdale Head (also referred to as Hawes junction) has a small train station on the Settle Carlisle rail line. The tiny hamlet of Garsdale (referred to as the Street) is about halfway into the valley. It's a sparsely populated, mainly farming valley with just a few hundred inhabitants. The Street has a chapel, St John's, and a village hall (a former school). Farms grow hay and silage and have dairy and other stock.

Garsdale farm by Barbara BallardMoorcock viaduct is just north of Gardsdale valley. At the western end of the valley lies Longstone Fell, common land, with far reaching views.

John Dawson was a famous mathematician born at Raygill farm in the valley. He is buried in the church graveyard at Sedbergh. Another famous Garsdale valley resident was John Haygarth who was a physician. The third well known valley resident was James Inman, a professor of mathematics, nautical science and navigation.

Garsdale little waterfall and pool by Barbara Ballard

Photos by Barbara Ballard

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