Coniston Water

(See also Coniston)

Coniston Water by Tony RichardsFive mile long Coniston Water is home to the village of the same name in southern Lakeland. Here mountains and forest tumble down to the shoreline. The most famous of the mountains is Coniston Old Man, a favourite of climbers for its views.

Coniston Water Gondola and launches by Tony RichardsThe National Trust steam yacht Gondola, first launched in 1859, still plies the lake, providing rides. Sailboats can be rented to further enjoy its waters. Once speedboats were allowed on the lake. It was here that Donald Campbell (1921-1967), world waterspeed record holder, died while trying to break his record. His boat, Bluebird, shot into the air and then plunged into the lake's depths.

Bank Ground Farm view from Kirby Quay Boathouse Coniston Water by Tony RichardsConiston Water is a good source of char. Other catches are brown trout, pike, and eel.

A narrow road winds along the lake's eastern shore past Brantwood, home of the famous Lakeland author, John Ruskin. Arthur Ransome set his Swallows and Amazons series of children's books in the vicinity.

W. G. Collingwood, in The Lake Counties, wrote of the damage done by the former iron furnaces on the mountain slopes of the lake and his happiness that nature had reversed much of the damage:

“...And now there is no such utter peace and stillness, as in the coves and crannies of the water's edge, where softly rowing you may start the otter and the kingfisher...”

Coniston Water Kirby Quay boathouse by Tony RichardsConiston Water is located off the A5084 from the south, and A593 from the north by the village of Coniston.

Photos courtesy of Tony Richards

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