Duddon Nature Reserves

Duddon Estuary and Anchor from Askham in Furness by Graeme DougalThe estuary of the River Torver flowing seaward from the Coniston Fells formed the right habitat for an extensive collection of mosses. In the winter geese are attracted to the insects thriving in the area. Merlin, peregrine, and hen harrier also feast here. In the autumn kingfishers are among the birds spotted.

Duddon Estuary Sand and Mud Flats

Duddon Sands at Askhamin Furness by Tony RichardsThis is a site of special scientific interest. It is a feeding ground for a large number of waders and wildfowl. In winter grey plover, bar-tailed godwit, and sanderling feast here. In the spring golden plover, whimbrel, and greenshank can be spotted. Several species of tern feed in the estuary.

Sandscale Haws National Trust Dune and Dune Slack

Duddon Estuary Sandscale Haws courtesy Peter Wakely English NatureLocated at the mouth of the Duddon Estuary, this reserve is home to a wide range of unusual species. Birds at the site include waders. The site is also home to orchids and large colonies of butterflies that include the dingy skipper, common blue, and dark green fritillary.

Photos courtesy of Graeme Dougal , Peter Wakely English Nature and Tony Richards

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