Hale Moss Nature Reserve

Hale Moss Nature Reserve was once the bed of a lake. Over the centuries the former lake filled with vegetation and formed peat.

Black Dog Rush by_foxgAn unusual Cumbrian plant found here is black bog-rush. Purple moor-grass is also in abundance as are bird's eye primrose. Other plants include wild columbine, early and northern marsh orchid, and fragrant orchid.

On the open moss area are alder buckthorn shrubs. Scots pine are found in the southern end of the woodland area while birch and sycamore like the northern part of the woodland. Hazel and holly grow under these trees.

Brimstone Butterfly on Hemp AgrimonyA gas pipeline installed in the 1960s caused the growth of hemp agrimony which in turn attracted butterflies. In the mix are red admirals, peacocks, small tortoiseshells and brimstones.

Hares and roe deer frequent the reserve as do buzzards, heron, curlew, and long-tailed tit.Curlew by David Connolly

Hale Moss Nature Reserve is located near Milnthorpe.

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OS: 1:50,000
Sheet No 97
SD 510777
Open to members. Non-members need permit. Tel. 01539 816 300 for details.

Photos courtesy of _foxg , Linda Yarrow , David Connolly.

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