Hay Bridge Nature Reserve

Hay Bridge Nature reserve entrance by Tom RchardsonHay Bridge Nature Reserve is located in the Rusland Valley between Windermere and Coniston. Although privately owned by the John Strutt Conservation Foundation, it accepts membership or visiting by prior arrangement with the reserve warden.

The reserve offers a number of different habitats including woodland, pasture, open tarn, fen, raised bog, riverbank, and fell. This in turn attracts a variety of fauna and flora.

Wildlife in the area includes red deer, roe deer, fox, otter, badger, brown hare, stoat, weasel, adder, grass snake, slow worm and common lizard among others.

Hay Bridge Nature reserve pool by Michael GrahamThere are many species of recorded birds on the reserve. These include tawny owl, green woodpecker, nuthatch, mistle thrush, hawfinch, stonechat, curlew and others. In the summer swallows, house martins, marsh warblers, chiffchaffs, and more.

Butterflies and moths frequent the reserve. These include the pearl-bordered fritillary, green hairstreak, meadow brown, small white, red admiral, peacock, holly blue and many others. Several species of damsel and dragonfly also inhabit the area.

Wildfowers are abundant and include mosses, royal fern, and fungi. A number of bat species can be spotted in the summer.

Hay Bridge Nature reserve pool by Michael GrahamThe Study Centre at the reserve first served as a barn, then a deer museum and naturalist study centre. In 2007 it became the headquarters for study and interpretation of flora and fauna at Hay Bridge Nature Reserve. Information, field guides, exhibits, and species lists can be accessed at the centre.

Hay Bridge Nature Reserve Low Hay Bridge, Bouth, Ulverston LA12 8JG

Tel. 0 1229 861 727 E-mail address for membership matters: membership@haybridgereserve.org.uk
E-mail address for reserve matters/study centre bookings: haybridge@supanet.com Website: www.haybridgereserve.org.uk

Photos courtesy of © Tom Rchardson , Michael Graham

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