Kingmoor Nature Reserve

Kingmoor North Nature Reserve Footpath by Rose and Trevor Clough GeographKingmoor is the oldest nature reserve in Cumbria. It was established in 1914. Once a continuous strip of woodland over 2km long, the central section of the reserve was felled in 1933 to build an airfield. The airfield later became the Kingstown Industrial Estate.

The remaining north and south reserves are today connected by a footpath which follows the route of the dismantled Waverley Railway Line. The line was closed to passenger trains in 1969.Kingmoor South Nature Reserve Pond by Rose and Trevor Clough Geograph

The name comes from the fact that moorland in the areas was given to the city of Carlisle in 1352 by King Edward III. It was used for grazing, peat cutting, and a racecourse. The woods were planted in later centuries.

The reserve is managed by Carlisle City Council.Kingmoor Nature Reserve Footpath by Rose and Trevor Clough Geograph

Carlisle, Grid Reference: NY2858

Photos courtesy of © Rose and Trevor Clough

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