Hardknott Pass

(See also Ravenglass , Hardknott Roman Fort)

Hardknott Pass By Barbara BallardThe Hardknott Pass road, with a gradient of 1 in 3 is a steep, narrow and winding switchback road. From the west, within one mile of leaving the pastoral valley of Eskdale, the road rises to 1291 feet. It is reached from the east by traversing much of the old Roman road called the 10th iter that starts in Little Langdale and leads over Wrynose Pass, then onward to Cockley Beck and Hardknott pass.

Hardknott summit By Ann BowkerAt the peak of the pass lies a memorable and stunning view. Linger here to take in the striking, wild and lonely landscape and the unfolding grandeur of the bare mountains that stretch across Cumbria to the sea-to the north lies mighty Sca Fell while southward Harter Fell looms.

Hardknott Roman Fort By Barbara BallardSitting atop a steep crag at the pass is Hardknott Roman Fort commanding views reaching from the upper Eskdale valley to the Isle of Man. It was the perfect site for the Romans seeking to control the area.

As difficult as the drive to the pass is, the views from it are unforgettable.

Hardknott Pass is on a minor road between the A595 on the west coast and the A593 near Skelwith Bridge in the east.

Photos by Barbara Ballard and Ann Bowker

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