Sty Head Pass

Seathwaite valley by Ann BowkerSty Head (the ‘top of the ladder’) is a 1600-foot walk-only pass. Leading from the farm at Seathwaite in Borrowdale, it heads up to Stockley Bridge, over Sty Head, and ends at Burnthwaite Farm, Wasdale Head.

Wasdale head by Ann BowkerAlong the way is a bridge crossing Styhead Gill and a path veering off towards Taylorgill Force before the summit of Sty Head is reached. Walkers are rewarded with a view of Great End, Seathwaite Fell, Green Gable, and Great Gable. Several paths lead from the summit including the one that follows Lingmell Beck down to the green pastures of Wasdale Head. This pass takes in an unpopulated and still wild countryside.

Photos courtesy of Ann Bowker

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