Loughrigg Tarn

Loughrigg Tarn by George TodWordsworth called Loughrigg tarn a ‘most beautiful example’, and his opinion is echoed by many. The view north--west to the Langdale Pikes provides a scenic setting for the clear waters of the tarn. The circular tarn plays host to aquatic plants at its edge and fish in its deeper regions.

Loughrigg Tarn by Tony RichardsThe downy emerald species of dragonfly is sometimes found at the tarn.

Wordsworth is responsible for giving Loughrigg tarn its nickname: ‘Diana's looking glass’ after Lake Nemi, the mirror of Diana, in Rome's Alban hills. A view from Loughrigg fell down to the tarn enhances this image. He wrote:

“...And soon approach Diana's Looking-glass! To Loughrigg-tarn, round clear and bright as heaven, Such name Italian fancy would have given, ...when an opening in the road Stopped me at once by charm of what it showed, The encircling region vividly exprest Within the mirror's depth, a world at rest”

Loughrigg Tarn by Tony RichardsLoughrigg Tarn is located by a minor road north of the A593 from Skelwith Bridge, then by a hike to the site.

Photos courtesy of Tony Richards and George Tod

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