Waterfalls of Cumbria

Aira Force is Cumbria's best known waterfall and a tourist attraction. None of the waterfalls are large or high. Some are permanent; others come and go, depending on the amount of rainfall. Many can only be seen on hill walks. All make for a pleasant addition to the countryside.

Aira Force Bannishead Quarry Fall
Birk Hagg Wood Fall Birker Force
Colwith Force Crag Force
Dash Fall Dovedale Beck Fall
Dungeon Ghyll Force Galleny Force
Glen Mary Fall Grains Gill Waterfall
Hagg Gill Hayeswater Gill
Hellgill Force How Beck Waterfall
Howk Gorge Fall Langstrath Fall
Launchy Gill Fall Low How Waterfall
Low Sweden Bridge Waterfall Raise Beck Fall
Ritsons Force Rottenstone Gill
Rowantree Gorge Fall Ruddy Gill
Rutter Fall Rydal Hall Fall
Scale Force Simons Nick Waterfall
Skelwith Force Skew Gill Fall
Sourmilk Gill Spout Force
Stickle Ghyll Stock Ghyll
Taylor Gill Force Tilberthwaite Ghyll
Tom Gill Waterfall Upper Esk Fall
Warnscale Beck Waterfall White Lady Fall
White Moss Common Fall Whorneyside Force
Worm Gill Fall

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