Dungeon Ghyll Force

Dungeon Ghyll Force by Charles Winpenny

Rocks and trees shade the deep ravine where Dungeon Ghyll Force drops over a large hollow rock.

Wordsworth described this Langdale Valley waterfall in ‘The Idle Shepherd-Boys’:

“Into a chasm a might block
Hath fallen, and made a bridge of rock:
The gulf is deep below;
And in a basin black and small,
Receives a lofty waterfall.”

Dungeon Ghyll Force by Tony RichardsColeridge, too, was impressed by the 60-foot high waterfall and wrote a description of it, noting that the colours of the water ranged from white to blue. The waterfall was a must on the Victorian tourists' itinerary.

Dungeon Ghyll Force is located in Great Langdale off the B5343.

Photos courtesy of Tony Richards and Charles Winpenny

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