St Thomas Church (Crosscrake)

St Thomas church by Matthew Emmot  Castle BlogSt Thomas sits on a place of ancient worship. A chapel was founded here in 1190. In 1275 its care was passed to Cartmel priory. Cartmel Priory's life ended when Henry VIII dissolved the monasteries in 1534.

Crosscrake chapel was stripped of its contents and began its decline. Of this original chapel all is gone except for a stone, part of the original font, now in the north sanctuary window of the present church.

St Thomas Church interior by Alexander Kapp Geograph British IslesIn 1757 the building’s designation was changed from a chapel to a church, with a living attached. By 1773 rebuilding started in the gothic style of the time. This meant whitewashed walls and squared doors. A gothic style west tower was added. In 1842 the church was enlarged.

St Thomas church by Matthew Emmot  Castle BlogIn 1874, the church was rebuilt in slate by Paley and Austin, a short distance from the old one and was named St Thomas. This new church has a nave, chancel, transepts, bell tower, and two stained glass windows. It was restored in 1897, but due to being unsound had to be restored again in 1962. Services are held on a regular basis.

Photos courtesy of Matthew Emmott and Alexander Kapp

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