Birkrigg Stone Circle

Birkrigg Stone Circle by Graeme DougalBirkrigg Stone Circle, also known as the Druid's Temple is located on Birkrigg Common near Sunbrick.

The circle, dating from BC 1700-1400, is made up of a double row of stones and a paved floor. The inner ring, measuring 29.5 feet, consists of 10 stones. The outer circle, with 15 stones, has a diameter of 82 feet. The height of the stones is approximately 2-3 feet. The remains of five human cremations were found inside the smaller circle.Birkrigg Stone Circle by Graeme Dougal

Birkrigg Stone Circle is by footpath from minor road off the A5087 to the village of Sunbrick.

Photos courtesy of Graeme Dougal

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