Elva Plain Stone Circle

(See also Embleton)

Elva Plain Stone Circle courtesy of Graham at Megalithic WalksFifteen stones remain of a probable 30 original ones that made up a circle. Some of the stones are buried, and others have fallen on the ground. The stones are low, protruding no more than 2.5-3 feet. The circle measures approximately 125-130 feet in diameter. No burial chamber seems to have existed.

Lying on private ground in a field at Elva Farm, the circle cannot be seen from the road. It is thought to be late Neolithic and was perhaps related to Neolithic stone ax trade routes from Borrowdale to the east of Bassenthwaite.

Elva Plain Stone Circle lies on a plain by the southern slope of Elva Hill and is in a ruinous state. The site is unimpressive, but it is, nonetheless, an ancient monument.

Elva Plain Stone Circle 3.5 miles east of Cockermouth.

View from public footpath.

Photos courtesy of Graham Tickner

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