Grey Croft Stone Circle

(See also Seascale)

Greycroft stone circle by Ally ShawOf the original twelve stones in the Grey Croft Stone Circle, only ten remain. Dating from c2500BC, the stones average 4.5 feet in height. A red cobble burial cairn unearthed on the site contained charcoal, bone and flint fragments, and an early Bronze Age ring made of lignite. Buried nearby was a stone axe. The circle, whose stones are volcanic in origin, measures 98.4 feet in diameter. Purposely plowed under by a farmer in 1820, the stones stayed hidden until uncovered in 1949, when they were restored to their original locations. The stone circle sits cheek by jowl with the Sellafield Nuclear Site.

Grey Croft Stone Circle is located on private property at Seascale How Farm, north of Seascale.

View from public footpath.

Photo courtesy of Ally Shaw

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