King Arthur's Round Table

King Arthurs Round Table courtesy of Graeme DougalKing Arthur's Round Table lies a stone's throw from Mayburgh Henge at the junction of the Eamont and Lowther rivers. It, like Mayburgh dates from the late Neolithic and Bronze Ages. The earth bank and ditch measure 162 feet in diameter. Unfortunately two roads have truncated it. In 1820 it was further desecratedKing Arthur's Round Table courtesy Steve's Ancient Sites by a local pub landlord who trucked in landfill to raise the centre and proceeded to use it for a tea garden. No artifacts or stones were found in the henge. Before its partial destruction a northwest entrance was flanked by two large monoliths.

King Arthur's Round Table was supposedlyKing Arthurs Round Table plaque courtesy of Graeme Dougal named in the 14th century when the Clifford family moved into Brougham Castle sited nearby. They claimed Welsh royal ancestry, which at the time was thought in turn to be descended from the legendary King Arthur.

King Arthur's Round Table beside the B5230, near the turn off for the A6 at Eamont Bridge.

Photos courtesy of Graeme Dougal and Steve's Ancient Sites

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