Lacra Stone Circle

Lacra Stone Circle courtesy of Graham Tickner, Megalithic WalksLocated near the village of Kirksanton on Lacra Bank hilltop, the Lacra stone circles and rows of standing circles date from the Bronze Age. One circle of six stones is 52 feet in diameter while another is 49 feet in diameter and has six of its original eleven stones remaining. Three stones are left of what was once a 69-foot diameter circle. A former ring approximately 59 feet by 52 feet had a large central slab.

Lacra Stone Circle courtesy of Graham Tickner, Megalithic WalksThe site was excavated in 1947 and bone, ash, charcoal, and an urn were uncovered. Halfway down the hill is a site known as the Giant's Chair. The hilltop commands ocean views, but why there were so many circles so close together is open to speculation.

Lacra Stone Circle by foot from A595 Po House turning.

Photos courtesy of Graham Tickner

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