Mayburgh Henge

Mayburgh Henge by Graeme DougalMayburgh Henge is sited at the junction of the Eamont and Lowther rivers, and it is from them that thousands of stones and pebbles were taken to build the henge. The discovery of both Bronze Age and late Neolithic stone axes dates the henge from those periods.

The large circular bank is 285 feet in Mayburgh Henge setting by Graeme Dougaldiameter, 14 feet in height, and covers 1½ acres of ground. An entrance was made on the east side of the henge.

In the centre of the henge, one nine foot high stone, of volcanic ash, remains standing of a now non-existent inner circle whose stones reached a maximum height of 12 feet. Several other stones that Mayburgh Henge standing stone by Graeme Dougalremained in the circle were destroyed in the 18th century by men firing guns at them. Others were carted away in the 19th century to use for building material.

The henge, because of its location on the two rivers, may have been related to a trade route.

Mayburgh Henge Beside the B5230, near the turn off for the A6 at Eamont Bridge.

Photos courtesy of Graeme Dougal

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