Askerton Castle

Askerton Castle Fortified House by Graeme DougalAskerton Castle is an amalgamation of centuries and styles. It started out on a modest scale in the 14th century with 1.3m thick walls and a south-east range 18.3m x 8m. Then, in the early 1500s, Thomas, Lord Dacre, added two towers. At the south end he constructed the Dacre tower and carved his initials into it. On the north end of the castle he added the Dovecot tower. Both had latrines. In addition to the two towers he also added a south-west range with a 1.5.2m x 7.3m hall. He then added a north-west wing with stables and a barrack over them.

Askerton Castle by Simon LedinghamIn 1569 Lord Dacre took part in the northern rebellion, and, afterwards, the castle was fortified and partly dismantled. Thomas Carleton took ownership between 1576-78, but he let the castle continue to fall into disrepair. In 1598 John Musgrave took over and instituted repairs making it a fortified house.

Years later, Askerton again came into the hands of the Dacres through marriage to the Howard family. The south-west and north-west ranges were rebuilt on the ruins in the late 19th century. The north-east end of the court was closed with a wall. Askerton Country Road by Oliver DixonThe south-east range was fitted with doors and windows. In 1922 the castle was further changed, and today part of it serves as farmhouse. The farm is organic and its speciality is rare breeds of livestock.

Askerton Castle is five miles north of Brampton and east of Kirkcambreck, and north of Lees Hill and south of Bewcastle on a minor road near the B6318.

Photos courtesy Graeme Dougal and Simon Ledingham, Oliver Dixon The Geograph Britain and Ireland project

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