Naworth Castle

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Naworth castle exterior courtesy the castleNaworth castle, near the border with Scotland, dates from the 14th century. It was built on the site of a 12th century fortification. The castle with its quadrangular courtyard was surrounded by a curtain wall. The south-east side has two towers. One, named the Dacre tower after the builder and owner Ranulf de Dacre, was the original tower house rising to five storeys. It sits next to the original gateway. A second tower is named the Howard tower after the other famous family that lived in the castle. Their descendants still live here today. The castle came into their hands due to intermarriage of the families.

Naworth castle garden for web courtesy the castleThe curtain wall had buildings against three of its sides. In the south-east was the solar and chapel. In the north-east range was the hall. The castle and its hall suffered a serious fire in 1844, but the interiors were restored afterwards. At the same time another tower, the Morpeth, was added in the north corner. The great banqueting hall is 100 feet long. Jane Eyre was filmed here in 1996.

In the grounds is a 17th century walled garden, woodland walks, a waterfall, and a lake.

Naworth castle library for web courtesy the castleNaworth castle and estate are not open to the public but they do host weddings and corporate events. There are two antique fairs in the grounds, usually in March and August.

Naworth Castle is located two miles east of Brampton.
Tel. 016977 3229
Visit the website for full details of the two family histories.

Photos courtesy Naworth Castle

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