Arnside Pele Tower

(See also Arnside and Far Arnside)

Arnside Pele Tower by Alan LongbottomPele towers were built by the English to provide a safe haven during raids by the Scots who repeatedly crossed the border to snatch cattle and whatever else they could easily transport. The 4-5 storey Arnside tower was built in the late 14th century and was complete in itself. The main block was 15 metres long and 10 metres wide. The walls were 1.2 metres thick. Each storey had one square room and one rectangular one. A kitchen had a fireplace and oven connected to it. In the five storey section of the tower there were four levels of domestic rooms. Latrines occupied the turret section of the tower.

Arnside Pele Tower1 by Joe ReganThe tower suffered an accidental fire in 1602, but continued to be occupied until 1684 when the roof timbers were removed for use in buildings in the villages of Knowsley and Beetham. Further damage was inflicted in 1884 when a storm destroyed most of the south-west wall and west corner. Only a part of the parapet remains. A turret staircase has survived.

Arnside Pele Tower by Bob JenkinsVisitor Information
The Arnside tower is about 1.5 miles south-east of Arnside Knott near the village of Arnside and can be reached by a footpath. View from exterior only due to safety concerns.

Photos courtesy of Alan Longbottom, Joe Regan, Bob Jenkins The Geograph Britain and Ireland project.

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