Catterlen Hall

(See also Catterlen)

Catterlen Hall courtesy Steve BulmanCatterlen Hall started out as a pele tower built for defensive purposes around 1460. In 1577 an L-shaped building was constructed with the tower being on the north side. The rectangular pink sandstone tower walls are over 1.2m thick. The tower has two floors and a vaulted basement. Stone water spouts project from it. A spiral staircase is located in the south-west corner. A wooden defensive platform once rested on the west side. In the 1650s a wing was added to the south end with an external staircase. The door is in the baroque style and has a pedimented gable. Its top room has two chimney-pieces. The hall eventually became a farmhouse.

Catterlen Hall is located three miles north-west of Penrith on a minor road near Newton Reigny.

Photo courtesy Steve Bulman

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