Frith Hall

East wall and valley Frith Hall courtesy of John Holmes Geograph British IslesFrith Hall, in the park of the same name, was built in the 1600s. It is a ruin today. Millom castle's owners, the Huddleston's, used the hall as a hunting lodge for the deer in the Ulpha woods. The hall served in this capacity for 100 years before being converted to a hostelry for pack horse teams and drivers. There was much smuggling from the Isle of Man to the general area in these times, and smuggled alcohol flowed freely at the Hall. It was the scene, in 1730, of 17 marriages. A hundred years later the Hall became a farm before it fell into ruin. Sheep now graze the surrounding land. A footpath leads to the ruins with views over the Duddon valley.

Frith Hall courtesy of John Holmes Geograph British IslesFrith Hall is lcoated on a minor road north of the A595 near Ulpha.

Photos courtesy of John Holmes Geograph British Isles

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