Newby Hall

Newby Hall is a 2 storey tower farmhouse. It was built in an H shape and has a two-storey extension. Adjoining it is a mid 19th century farmhouse. It was built in the first half of the 17th century with additions around 1700. The roof is of slate and the walls are of rubble.

Over the front door is a late 17th century coat of arms of the Nevinson family. Many of the windows are orginal. The wings of the house have three lights windows to each floor. There are stepped stone chimneys. A wall next to the east wing of the house has the initials EN and the date 1685 on the lintel.

The hall has a central panelled door with two light windows on the left and right. On the ground floor of the hall is a large fireplace. Also in the hall is 17th century panelling.

Newby Hall is located on south side of road in Newby, Penrith CA10 3EX

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