Winton Hall

(See also the village of Winton)

Winton Hall courtesy Peter DavyThe site of Winton Hall was thought to be built on as early as 1314, but it wasn't until 1422 that the name Winton Hall Was noted. It belonged to the Clifford family at that time. Later the Scaife family lived in it. The family founded the Kirkby Stephen Grammar School. Around 1730 Winton Hall and its estate was sold to a Mr Gerard Andrews.

The house presently on the site is a re-built one from the destruction by Border Reivers. Remains of the medieval house are thought to be the east gable, the north-east corner doorway of the building, and part of the north wall. The large mullioned window dates from Tudor times.

The Hall was refurbished in the 1660s and in the late 1700s again with a Georgian wing (possibly a former barn) being created.

1800 to 1958 Winton Hall was tenanted from 1800 to 1958 and neglected, fell into decay and dereliction. In 1958 the tenants bought it and lived in the Georgian rooms. The rest of the hall was used for animal shelter and storage.

In 1989 the Hall was sold again. After a report from the Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England the new owners made the hall safe and put on a new roof. In 1993 Peter Davy and his wife bought the Hall and spent ten years restoring it to be a family home.

Winton Hall welcomes a number of visitors each year. Some are historians; some expatriates who have had connections with the house in the past; some are descendants of the Scaife family in England and America; and some just come because they are interested in seeing a very old house.

Photo and information courtesy of Peter Davy.

Winton Hall is located in the village of Winton one mile northeast of Kirkby Stephen, off the A685.

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