Acorn Bank Mill

(See also Temple Sowerby)

Acorn Bank Watermill by Graeme DougalAcorn Bank Watermill is situated on the Acorn Bank Estate, home to Temple Sowerby Manor and Acorn Bank Garden. A footpath leads through an ancient oak wood to Crowdundle Beck, the source of power for the mill. A quarter of a mile above the mill is a channel directing water from the beck to drive the waterwheels. The three wheels, each 12 Acorn Bank waterchute by Graeme Dougalfeet each in diameter, turned four pairs of millstones. Two of the wheels were overshot (operated by water falling into buckets from above) and one was a pitchback wheel (buckets were attached to its rim for raising water). Oats was the main product ground at the mill.

A miller was in residence when the mill Acorn Bank machinery by Graeme Dougalwas in operation. He kept pigs in the barnyard and fed them waste from the mill.

Although this mill dates from the early 19th century, there were other mills at the same location from at least the 12th century. Acorn Bank was derelict until the National Trust began restoration in the 1980's. During designated times the mill is in operation for visitors to enjoy.

Acorn Bank machinery by Graeme DougalAcorn Bank Watermill just north of Temple Sowerby
Six miles east of Penrith on the A66. Train station at Penrith.

National Trust
Open 3rd week March-end Oct, daily, except Tue, 10-5pm
House on estate not open to public
Tel. 017683 61893

Note: Please check opening times and dates before visiting in case of changes.

Photos courtesy of Graeme Dougal

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