Alston High Mill

(See also Alston)

A restored watermill sits in the village centre of Alston. The first mill was built here in the 1300's and then rebuilt in 1767 by John Smeaton, considered England's greatest millworks authority at the time. It featured a ‘pitch back’ design where water fell onto the buckets at the top of the wheel. The wheel was replaced with a wider one of smaller diameter in 1817 but retained the ‘pitch back’ design.

After serving its time grinding grain for the populace, it was converted in the 1950s to a foundry making golf club heads. The main foundry moved to the outskirts of Alston, but part of the operation is still based at the mill. In 1992 the mill was restored.

Alston is located on the A686, A689, and B6277.

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