Heron Corn Mill

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Heron Corn Mill By TheButlerThe Heron Corn Mill is a traditional working mill on the River Bela. The present building, dated 1750, was restored in the 1970's after closing in the 1950's. It's now open for show milling, and flour is available for purchase. At the mill is an exhibition detailing the mill's development and the process of milling over a period of 900 years.

Heron Corn Mill By TheButlerA mill existed on the site as early as 1096. The canons of Conishead Priory were granted the right to construct a new mill on the site in 1230. A nearby waterfall caused by a naturally occurring ledge of rock on the river provided a means to drive the mill's high breast-shot water wheel, 14 feet in diameter. The water wheel drives a pit wheel, which in turn drives a smaller wheel. From the small wheel a vertical shaft rises through the floor and attaches to a large wheel that drives the four pairs of grinding stones mounted on a frame above the floor level.

Heron Corn Mill By TheButlerThe Museum of Paper Making opened in the 1980's in the barn on the site. The museum teaches about this important local industry, located across the river and in business for more than 250 years. Tools of the paper making trade are displayed along with information on the process of paper making and the materials used.

Heron Corn Mill Museum of Paper By TheButlerAnother point of interest at the mill is a History of Baking Gallery. There is a history of making bread with a model Neolithic kitchen, details on the development of ovens, advertising materials, and more.

The Heron Corn Mill is an historical building in a scenic setting.

Heron Corn Mill By TheButlerThe Heron Corn Mill located on Mill Lane just outside the village of Beetham off the A6. Signposted by brown tourist signs.
Tel. 01539 564271
Website: www.heronmill.org
Email: info@heronmill.org
Mill and Museum
Open: Wed-Sun, 11am-4pm; also open BH Mon<

Note: Please check opening times and dates before visiting in case of changes.

Parking on site.

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