Guildhall Museum

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Guildhall museum Carlisle by Kenneth AllenThe building is the result of a 1382 fire that destroyed much of Carlisle. Because of the fire a waste tenement site became available for building on and was turned into a home in 1407 by Richard of Redeness. When he died he left his home to Carlisle, and it became the Guildhall for the city's trade guilds.

It's timber-framed construction is infilled with thin medieval tile bricks. The internal walls are made of interwoven twigs with a covering of clay. Each floor projects out over the one beneath, a way of using less ground to create a larger home. In 1844 and 1935 repairs were undertaken.

Guildhall museum carving Carlisle by ThebutlerEach room in the museum has its own focus representing Carlisle's eight trade guilds: shoemakers, butchers, merchants, skinners and glovers, smiths, tailors, tanners, and weavers. Objects relating to each guild history are on display. The silver room is especially interesting with two 1599 silver bells among its collection. An ironbound muniment chest, medieval measures, pottery, a weaver's banner, and stocks are some items in the collections.

Guildhall Museum
The Green Market
Tel. 01228 618718
Open: April-Oct, daily, noon-4.30pm

Note: Please check opening times and dates before visiting in case of changes.

Photos courtesy of Kenneth Allen

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