Galava Roman Fort

(See also Borrans Park)

Galava roman fort granary foundations by Robert StruthersGalava Roman Fort, located in Borrans Field at Waterside, served to secure the Roman route from Brougham to Ravenglass and act as a supply base. The lake gave protection to the fort.

There were two forts built on the site. The first was a small timber one constructed c79. A stone one was constructed at the beginning of the second century and covered approximately three acres. The first provided shelter for 200 soldiers while the later one was larger, housing 500.

Galava roman fort excavated ruins by Humphrey BoltonBetween 1914-1920 excavations uncovered the main gate, south gate, commanding officer's house, headquarters building, and granaries. The fort had four gateways, one positioned on each side, with the eastern one being the main entrance. This gate had double portals with gate towers and guard rooms on each side. The other three gates were smaller. The road running up to the entrance was the Via Praetoria, leading to the headquarters building.

Galava roman fort by Bill BoadenVisit the Kendal Museum to see the artefacts that were found during the excavations. These include coins, brass, iron, and glass objects, and an inscribed tombstone.

Galava Roman Fort is 182 metres west of Waterhead carpark, in Borrans Field at Waterside.
Owned by English Heritage, managed by National Trust.Open site.
Note: English Heritage refers to the fort as Ambleside Roman Fort.

Photos courtesy of Robert Struthers , Humphrey Bolton , Bill Boaden.

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