Ravenglass Roman Bath House

(See also Ravenglass)

Roman bath house Ravenglass by Malcolm JonesRavenglass served as a naval base for the 2nd century Romans and was occupied for upwards of 300 years. The Roman name for it was Glannaventa. A thousand soldiers were stationed in the Ravenglass area. From this important supply point they constructed a road over Hardknott pass to their fort at Ambleside.

Ravenglass roman bath house by Nigel ChadwickUnfortunately the remains of all this Roman occupation consist of not much except a few earthworks and some of the walls of the bath house (AD 130), which we know as Walls Castle. It stands to a height of almost 13 feet (4 metres) and measures 40 by 90 feet. Typical of Roman baths, it had saunas as well as cold baths.

Ravenglass Roman bath house is an English Heritage property. ¼ mile east of Ravenglass, off minor road leading to A595. Open site

Photos courtesy of Malcolm Jones , Nigel Chadwick.

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