Ancient Sites in Cumbria

Although there is evidence of man in the Mesolithic and Paleolithic times in Cumbria, archaeologists believe the earliest settlements in Cumbria were located around the coast and date from about BC5500. From about BC3500 neolithic axes were made in great numbers in the central fells of the Lake District and exported throughout Britain. Evidence of this has been found in the Langdale pikes and the Scafells. Artefacts can be seen in many of the Cumbria museums.

Birkrigg Stone Circle Casterton Stone Circle
Castlerigg Stone Circle Elva Plain Stone Circle
Grey Croft Stone Circle King Arthur's Round Table
Kinniside Stone Circle Lacra Stone Circle
Little Meg Stone (Maughanby Circle) Long Meg and Her Daughters
Mayburgh Henge Moor Divock
Swinside Stone Circle

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