Roman Sites in Cumbria

Cumbria existed at the outer edge of the Roman empire. Therefore, both roads and a string of forts were necessary defensive constructions to hold the territory.

Alauna Roman Fort Binsey Roman Fort
Birdoswald Roman Fort Galava Roman Fort
Hadrians Wall Sites in Cumbria Hardknott Roman Fort
Ravenglass Roman Bath House Senhouse Roman Museum

Undoubtedly the outstanding Roman remain in Cumbria is the part of Hadrian's wall that runs through the county from Bowness-on-Solway to Birdoswald and beyond. Hardknott and Birdoswald Roman forts are the best examples in Cumbria of this defensive stone rampart. Little else remains of the wall and its mile castles, although a wall walking map and route are available.

Lesser known examples of Roman remains exist at Burwens, a settlement on Crosby Ravensworth fell, and the High St Roman road from Brougham to Troutbeck Park.

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