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(See also Holme Cultram Abbey)

Anthorn village view over water courtesy Andy WallaceAnthorn sits on the north bank of the Wampool estuary by the shores of Moricambe bay. Much of this mossy land was drained in the 1800s for agricultural use, but mudflats and tidal sands still dominate the landscape. A number of species of birds can be spotted in the marshes.

Anthorn's name means ‘the single thorn bush’. Before the dissolution of the monasteries in 1536, salt was panned in the area by Holme Anthorn village street courtesy Andy WallaceCultram abbey. A royal naval airfield, HMS Nuthatch, was active during World War II and until 1957. More recently a NATO communication station was established nearby.

The only building of note in the village is Mary's tower. There are conflicting stories about its name, one of which relates to Mary Queen of Scots, supposedly held prisoner here in 1568.

Photos courtesy Andy Wallace Andy Fellwalker

Anthorn is located in Allerdale, west of Carlisle on a minor road on the Solway peninsula.

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