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Applethwaite Village by Andy WallaceThe hamlet of Applethwaite, with its several dozen houses, sits at the foot of Skiddaw with views of the north-west fells and Borrowdale. Streams run from the mountainside down through the farmland around. Sheep dog trails are held yearly in the village.

Wordsworth once owned land here; it was presented to him by Sir George Beaumont with the idea of building a house on it so Wordsworth could be near his friend, Coleridge.

Applethwaite Village courtesy Andy Wallace

Wordsworth described the land thus: . . . lies beautifully upon the banks of a rill that gurgles down the side of Skiddaw, and the orchard and other parts of the grounds command a magnificent prospect of Derwent Water, and of the mountains of Borrowdale and Newlands. As in many cases, he wrote a poem about the gift:

Beaumont! it was thy wish that I should rear
A seemly Cottage in this sunny Dell,
On favoured ground, thy gift, where I might dwell
In neighbourhood with One to me most dear, . . .

Wordsworth never built on the land but gave the property to his daughter.

Photos courtesy Andy Wallace Andy Fellwalker

Applethwaite is just off the A591, one mile north of Keswick.

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