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Bampton Grange

Bampton Grange Bridge over River Lowther courtesy of Graeme DougalBampton Grange is across the Lowther River from the hamlet of Bampton. Its church of St Patrick, rebuilt in 1726-27 from an earlier one, is named after the saint who is thought to have visited the area. Bampton Grange St Patricks Church courtesy of Graeme DougalHowever, since Patrick left Cumbria for Ireland when he was young, it may originally have referred to a 13th century lord, Patrick de Culwen.

The nave, aisles, and west tower (five bells) date from the rebuilding. The chancel was restored in 1885. There are seven bays of side windows with the columns of theBampton Grange St Patricks Church courtesy of Graeme Dougalarches dissecting the pews. A font is dated 1662 but is thought to be Norman. The church produced two bishops: one in the late 1600´s who was Bishop of Lincoln and London; another was Archbishop of Dublin (Catholic) when Queen Mary was on the throne in 1553.

In the 18th century a grammar school was established here. The village is surrounded by farmland. Whitewashed cottages, a pub, and houses complete the picture.

Photos courtesy of Graeme Dougal

Bampton Grange is 3 miles northwest of Shap, off the A6.

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