May 30, 2020

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Barton, nestled in rolling hill country by the river Eamont, refers to farm buildings in this area. Church Farm, built in the 16th century, was added to in the early 17th.

Barton, Winder, Sockbridge, and Yanwath and Eamont Bridge made up the parish. The manor of Barton belonged to the barons of Kendal who sold it on. Eventually it came into the ownership of the Dacres through marriage. During the time of Charles II it was sold again.

Barton St Michaels Church by Humphrey BoltonThe church of St Michael dates from c1150. The tower, chancel and nave are Norman in style. In 1250 a south aisle was added. In 1318 and 1536 more changes were made by the Augustinian canons from Wartre Priory, who took over ownership of the church. In 1904 the church was restored. There are stained glass windows.

Inscribed lych gate Barton by Bob JenkinsNotables buried in the churchyard or church include Wordsworth's grandfather, two aunts, a cousin, and his grandson. The churchyard has a lych gate that was constructed as a WWI and WWII memorial. In 1637 a vicarage was built near the church, but future vicars lived elsewhere.

Photos courtesy of Humphrey Bolton , Bob Jenkins.

Barton is three miles south-west of Penrith.

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