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Beaumont Village Green by Graeme Dougal Beaumont, beside the river Eden, plays host to Hadrian's wall, which runs through the village. The village gets its name from the fact it is set on high ground: beaumont means ‘beautiful hill.’ There are views to the Galloway coast in Scotland and to the mountains of Cumbria.

A Roman milecastle once took advantage of the high ground on which the church, St Mary's, is Beaumont St Marys Church by Graeme Dougallocated. Hadrian's wall provided stones for its original construction, dating from the late 12th century. The church as restored in 1872. The single chamber is still mostly of the earlier period, notably the south doorway and three east windows. The windows, porch and vestry are 19th century restorations. The roof dates from the 15th century.Beaumont House by Graeme Dougal

St Ann's well by the river was built to provide water to the village, which was in short supply. Beaumont once belonged to the Dacre family.

Photos courtesy of Graeme Dougal

Beaumont is on a minor road off the B5307, four miles northwest of Carlisle.

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