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Beckermet village courtesy Andy WallaceThe coastal village of Beckermet sits amongst rolling grasslands by Black Beck and Kirk Beck. Its name means the meeting of the becks.

Beckermet has two churches. Of note is St Bridget (not to be confused with the church of the same name at Calder Bridge), a small church with a nave, chancel and bellcot. Two Saxon cross shafts are found in the churchyard. Beckermet church courtesy Andy WallaceRegular services are not held in the church, which is thought to be on the site of a 7th century small monastic house.

On the main street is St Johns church, built in 1878-9 of red sandstone. The listed building incorporates the remains of a former Norman church: a 13th century doorway with carved heads and old stone fragments. Beckermet church courtesy Andy WallaceThe interior is of sandstone and terracotta. Here there are several cross-slabs and fragments of Anglo-Danish crosses.

North of the village roundabout can be seen the remains of a eight foot high motted mound where Caernarvon castle once stood (a castle of the same name is in Wales). It was the original seat of the le Fleming family who left the site around 1250 in favour of Coniston.

Beckermet courtesy Andy WallaceA neolithic settlement once stood by the nearby Ehenside tarn. Canoes, spears and stone axes were unearthed here.

Photos courtesy of Andy Wallace Andy Fellwalker

Beckermet is north of Calder Bridge and Gosforth on a minor road just off the A595.

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