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Road from Blencogo village to A596 courtesy Andrew SmithBlencogo, a small and strung out farming village, lies on the coastal Solway plain. All around is farmland. The village and area were at one time part of a manor owned by the lord of Allerdale.

In 1854 a stone schoolhouse was built. It now serves as the village hall. Blencogo old school now village hall courtesy Alexander KappThere's a local inn to serve the villagers and a community park. A Blencogo craftsman makes willow products for sale.

Born in the village was a notable historian, Jonathan Boucher (1738-1804) who worked on a history of Cumberland. He visited America and wrote a book about the American revolution.Blencogo New Inn courtesy Alexander Kapp

Photos by Alexander Kapp , Andrew Smith The Geograph British Isles Project

Blencogo is 3.5 miles west of Wigton in Allerdale.

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