May 30, 2020

Towns and Villages of Cumbria

Branthwaite (Workington)

Branthwaite Road Junction by John HolmesBranthwaite’s name means the ‘broom-covered clearing’. Below the spread-out hillside village is the River Marron.

Outside Branthwaite on the road to Dean is a farm that was formerly Branthwaite Hall. There was first a pele tower here, and then the farm house was built around it. The tower had a tunnel vaulted basement. It served as a home to the Skelton family from 1422-1757. William Hetherington moved here in 1788 and stayed until 1865. His claim to fame was being a local poet. He is buried in the nearby village of Dean

Photo courtesy John Holmes The Geograph British Isles Project

Branthwaite is located on a minor road five miles south-west of Cockermouth off the A5086. Note: Cumbria has another village called Branthwaite located on a minor road off the B5299 on the northern edge of the Lake District National Park.

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