May 30, 2020

Towns and Villages of Cumbria


Brigflatts friends meeting_ house by David McMummBrigflatts, on the river Rawthey banks, is a village in the Eden area of Cumbria. Lying two miles south of Sedbergh, it was settled by flax weavers.

Its claim to fame is having the oldest Friends' Meeting House in the northern part of the country. Dating from 1675, the white cottage was built by the Quaker members and still retains much of its oak furnishings. It was risky to attend the services at this early time as it was against the law to not attend the parish church.

Brigflatts friends meeting house interior by John Darch

The meeting house is open daily, Oct–Easter, 11am to dusk, Easter–Sep, 11am–6pm.

Note: Please check opening times and dates before visiting in case of changes.

Photos courtesy of David McMumm , John Darch.

Brigflatts is located one mile south-west of Sedbergh.

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