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Broughton Moor

Broughton Moor St Columba church by Barbara BallardBroughton Moor, like its name, sits on an extensive moor. It was once a mining village called Wyndham Row after the row of miners cottages built by a general Wyndham. The colliery, opened in 1882, closed in 1924. The Royal Navy Armaments depot was here. The primitive Methodists built a chapel in the village in 1861. The village has a primary school and a church, St Columba. The church was constructed in 1905 using local quarried rock. Green slate is still quarried here.Broughton Moor school by Barbara Ballard

Photos by Barbara Ballard

Broughton Moor is located just south of the A594 and south-east of Maryport on Cumbrias west coast.

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