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Burneside houses courtesy Andy WallaceAlthough once its own village, Burneside now serves as a suburb of Kendal. It grew because of the Croppers Paper Mills that once employed locals. Sitting on the river Kent and river Sprint, it was an ideal location for the mill, providing the necessary water for the manufacture of paper. Farming also took place in the area.

Burneside church courtesy Andy WallaceSt Oswald church began as a small chapel but as industry brought more people and money to the village in the 1820s it grew and grew again in the late 1860s. It was rebuilt using Westmorland slate in 1880-81.

Two halls are located nearby, Tolson just on the outskirts dates from 1638 and Burneside Hall, north-east of the village started as a 14th century pele tower and was added to to make a hall house.

Photos courtesy Andy Wallace Andy Fellwalker

Burneside is 2.5 miles north of Kendal.

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