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Calthwaite Church courtesy Steve BulmanCalthwaite village serves the farming community that surrounds it. Its name means the clearing where calves are kept. The village, on the west side of the Petteril river, is near a one-arched bridge built in 1793.

Calthwaite Hall, built of cut stone in 1837, was designed in the Elizabethan style. The south front porch and east front centre reflected the gothic style of architecture. The stairs and pillars were decorated with carvings.

The Church of England School is a primary school for boys and girls. It served as a church before All Saints was constructed in the 20th century. The Globe Inn offers bed and breakfast, meals, live music (on Saturdays), and a lively game of darts. The Eden Runners stage a six-mile run from Calthwaite in the spring.

Photo courtesy Steve Bulman

Calthwaite is located just off the M6, seven miles north-west of Penrith.

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